About Us

Orocleanx was launched with the primary aim to foster a cleaner and healthier world. We strive to make your everyday life better with powerful cleaning products that is thoroughly tested to meet international standards. Our focus on excellence drives us to exceed the expectations of our beloved consumers by developing high quality cleaning products and also by continuously improving on the quality of all facets of our business.

Orocleanx has gained recognition for its unique formula which ensures effective protection from all germs and is also gentle on the skin. We provide complete home hygiene solutions at reasonable prices and is also voted as the most trusted brand among doctors worldwide. We help the world deal with new challenges by providing innovation in the areas like personalized nutrition, wellness, digital health and hygiene. We are right here to take care of you and will always be your trusted partner of health!

Vision and Mission

Your family’s health is our topmost priority. We at Orocleanx, wish to create a safe world by preventing the spread of illness causing germs on hands, bodies, laundry and surfaces. We also strive to educate people on the importance of disinfection to keep themselves and their loved ones hale and hearty.